Together for Antibiotics

Antibiotic resistance is a global health crisis. That’s why we’re #TogetherForAntibiotics

Drug resistant infections are on the rise: Around 700,000 people across the world die from infections which are resistant to antibiotics every year.

These so called ‘superbugs’ are evolving all the time. If we don’t find new ways of stopping them, that number is estimated to rise to 10 million people a year in just three decades from now.

Around one in three patients in hospital rely on antibiotics. This could be to support treatments like hip and knee surgery, for transplantation, cancer treatments or to treat infections. Without antibiotics, treatment for many conditions would not be possible.

That’s why we must prioritise the search for new ones and protect the ones we have already.

This issue affects every person on the planet. Governments and the pharmaceutical industry must team up to find new ways of discovering effective antibiotics.

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We’re Together For Antibiotics

We’re partnering with organisations and charities #TogetherForAntibiotics and working together to raise awareness about the threat of, and solutions to, antibiotic resistance.


The UK Sepsis Trust

Antibiotic Research UK